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[linux-tr] ibmtr driver hangs on boot with no network connected

	Hello list,

I have two machines with the ibm auto 16/4 cards. One's a
gateway, the other my workstation. Unfortunately, when
there is no connection to the network (cable not plugged
in, switches down, etc.) the machine(s) always hang on
a boot, because the dont find a network. i once had a big
problem (with 2.0.x kernel) where the ibmtr driver was
bult-in into the kernel and the token-ring network was down.
I had bootet my machine and it hangs during adapter
initialization. There was nothing i could do until the
tokenring network was back (had no older kernel and
no disk available at this time). 

Can someone confirm if this also applies to =>2.2.7 ?

best regards,
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