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Re: [linux-tr] Resend: tr0: bad OPEN response: fe -Reply

On Mon, 10 May 1999 20:52:41 +0200, Mike Phillips wrote:

>> tr0: bad OPEN response: fe

>Erm, According to the docs you can't get this error message.  Which could 
>point towards some memory allocation and/or reading error.
>Can you change #define OLYMPIC_DEBUG from 0 to 1 and re-compile the driver, 
>re-load it and send me the output.

Well, i compiled the driver with #define OLYMPIC_DEBUG 1 and the error didn't 
appear! Then i installed the new driver 0.1.9, installed a second card and the error 
appeared exactly one time ... i  rebooted the machine several times and it didn't 
reappear ... very strange! I hope this error doesn't reappear again.

Is the current release of the driver suitable for a production machine? If no, what's 
missing? I would like to replace the ISA TokenRing Cards as soon as possible, they 
are making troubles. (see other message with "unrecoverable error: errorcode = 0059")

Regards, Markus

Inserto AG - Switzerland - www.inserto.ch