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Re: [linux-tr] Compiling w/o recompiling the kernel. *newbie*-Reply -Reply


> Since I'd like to upgrade the kernel anyway, any ideas why 'patch <
> Makefille.diff' would choke? I get the error message:

Errm, because I'm a dick head ??

|--- Makefile.orig  Tue Apr 27 09:58:01 1999
|+++ Makefile.mik   Tue Apr 27 10:00:39 1999
You don't have this file on your system, doh !!!.  If you remove the .mik extension at the top of the diff file (it's on both) the patch will work. (I'm suprised nobody caught this earlier.)

I also managed to not include the changes required to Space.c to enable the driver to be compiled directly into the kernel. (Well, you can compile it, but it won't automatically get invoked.)

See: this is what I get for continuously patching my kernel and not performing reality checks every now and then. 

Oh well, I did say it was an alpha release.