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Re: [linux-tr] Compiling w/o recompiling the kernel. *newbie*-Reply -Reply

At 05:48 12/05/99 -0400, "Mike Phillips" <phillim@amtrak.com> wrote:

>I also managed to not include the changes required to Space.c to enable
the driver to be compiled directly into the kernel. (Well, you can compile
it, but it won't automatically get invoked.)

I applied the patches to 2.2.8, worked cleanly.. However I have another
problem (but don't we all).

I can't seem to get anything to use the driver. 'ifconfig' says it's there,
but I can't bind anything to it.

The card in question is an IBM High-Speed 100/16/4 token-Ring PCI. I don't
have an actual ring here (this machine is going to be in one, but isn't
currently). I've got a loopback installed in the 100, but I can guess that

1> I'll need a loopback in the 16/4 plug and force it to 16 or 4 to "start"
a single machine ring to test it, or actually drop it in a ring.

2> I'll need to force the driver to use 100 (which I don't even know if it
supports) and do the same as in #1. From what I've read, it only allows
16/4 to be passed to it.

Any ideas/Thoughts/patches you want me to test cos I have one of these cards?

(BTW: We'll have 2 of these machines using the same setup. So when the
other machine arrives, I can do some end-end testing between them if that

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