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[linux-tr] linux hangs when tr-plug is removed

There hasn't been a change in that part of the code for several months 
now.  I don't suppose you got an Oops out of it?

Markus Fischer writes:
 > 	Today i investigated something very bad :( . Our router between two
 > networks (ethernet on one, tr on the other site) has lost his tr connectivity
 > for just about two seconds, here is the log:
 > May 12 11:08:03 enrblrt01 kernel: tr0: New ring status: 20
 > May 12 11:08:04 enrblrt01 kernel: tr0: Signal loss/Lobe fault
 > May 12 11:08:04 enrblrt01 kernel: tr0: We try to reopen the adapter.
 > May 12 11:08:05 enrblrt01 kernel: tr0: New ring status: 20
 > and then the machine hang. Even console switching did not work. I's an IBM
 > auto 16/4 card in an 486 with 20mb ram, kernel is 2.2.7 . I also used an IBM
 > auto 16/4 in my workstation (pentium, which was the former router) but it did
 > never crash when i removed the network link (kernel 2.2.5). Were there some
 > changes between these kernel releases to the tr driver ? Any other hint is very
 > appreciated.
 > sincerly,
 > 	Markus
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