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[linux-tr] Debuging infor

    Ok, I turned on debugging in the ibmtr.c file and got the following info out
        this is with config.opts set to
module "ibmtr_cs" opts "mmiobase=0xD8000 srambase=0xDA000 sramsize=16"
tr0: PIOaddr: a20  seg/intr b0 mmio base: 000D8000 intr: 0
tr0: Channel ID string not found for PIOaddr: a20
tr0: Expected for ISA: 5049434f3631313039393020
tr0:                found:   fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
tr0:Expected for MCA: 4d415253633583435313820
ibmtr_cs: register_trdev() failed
tr0: Unexpected interrupt form tr adapter
when I do this with the line in config_opts commented out everything is the same except
seg/intr = 6c and mmio base = 000B6000
I hope I got the long stings types correctly. I had to hand copy them.
Hope this helps,