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Re: [linux-tr] token ring initialization on Redhat 6.0

one easy fix is to add those lines in the startup files so it does it on
startup instead of you doing it when you login


> From: scoard@firstmd.com
> To: linux-tr@emissary.aus-etc.com
> Subject: [linux-tr] token ring initialization on Redhat 6.0
> Date: Thursday, May 20, 1999 12:51 PM
> I recently re-built my linux box and installed RH 6.0.  It had been a RH
5.2 box
>  that I had built earlier, but as I am somewhat new to linux I thought it
to be
> good practice to a re-install instead of an upgrade. anyway...
> Under 5.2 the IBM tr card initialized fine on boot up.  In 6.0 it fails
and I mu
> st manually do a modprobe ibmtr and then a ifup tr0 to get it running. 
after th
> at all is fine.
> Do any of you know why it does not load on boot up?  Is there a way for
me to do
>  this.
> Scott.