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[linux-tr] RedHat 6.0 KickStart Install boot disk and olympic IBM PCI T/R card

Has anyone figured out how to get the IBM PCI T/R card (olympic) module on the
RedHat 6.0 Kickstart install boot disk?
We have compiled the olympic.o module and it works fine if you install it after
a local CD-ROM based install.
Our network based NFS install is great if you have an ISA Token Ring card
(ibmtr.o).  We'd like to do the same with the olympic drivers.

We've read and followed the Redhat KickStart howto instructions on modifying the
RedHat installation disk.  See
After uncompressing the initrd.img , adding the olympic.o module, recreating the
disk, and then rebooting it still does not recognize the PCI T/R card.  Has
anyone tried this yet?

John A. Walicki
* Mgr, Client Systems Engineering
* Watson Information Systems
* IBM T.J. Watson Research Center