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[linux-tr] bsm fix and other questions:

Hello everyone:

I just recently reinstalled linux using Redhat 6.0 (2.2.5-15) and have been
trying to get my ibm token ring card to work.  I have done what I needed to do
to the card (a 16/4 token ring card) by running lanaidc and doing the
/fast=auto16 (or whatever the command is.  I can't remember right now, but the
card was working under the old kernel).

The problem is this:  I downloaded the bad slab magic fix from ibmtr.net and
tried to use the command 'patch ibmtr.c bsmfix_patch' but I get rejects from the
patch command when I do that.

Am I doing this wrong?  If so, what command do I need to run

I presume that when I apply the patch I should recompile the modules?  (make
modules, and then make modules_install?)

1 other question:  When the driver was running on my old kernel, I couldn't get
nmap or sniffit to work.  Any ideas/comments?

Thanks for the time.....