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[linux-tr] Default route with Olympic driver?

I sent this message earlier, but it didn't seem to make it.  Please
forgive the duplication if it eventually shows up.  Anyway, here it
is again:

Hey all,

I've run into a bit of a problem, which may well be the result of my own
ignorance, but I'm not seeing an obvious answer at the moment.  I've got 
kernel 2.2.6, and the Olympic TR driver 0.1.f.  It brings up the card
ok, and I can ping things on my local subnet.  However, when I try to
add a default route to get to the gateway and get off the subnet, I get

# route add -net default
SIOCADDRT: Operation not supported by device

I think my 'route' syntax is right.  Is this really not supported
by the driver?  How are you supposed to do this then?

Thanks for any input,


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