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Re: [linux-tr] Anymore from DJ Barrow

>From my end I hope there is, however to be accepted by linus the code
has to be retabbed to his style & no C++ style comments. 

Mind you I think Linus'es indenting style of 8 characters must stem
from the fact that he is short sighted & can afford a 24 inch monitor,
not that I have any problem adopting to his style if needs be, I have
in the source used gcc extensions & will continue to do so ( Linus may
not like this ).

His aspirations in the coding style doc for linux successfully working
on a compiler other than gcc is idealistic ( of course a partial
compile of the stuff not too close to the hardware can be done with an
ansi c compiler,maybe some poor sods managed god love them ) but to do
the whole source tree you'd be better off porting gcc than trying to
rework all the header & c files. gcc is the only compiler I'm aware of
really suitable where drivers can be successfully written to work on
more than one architecture without re enginneering the header files for
each compiler & processor type, this is because of non ansi extensions
like attribute packed,aligned & extended asm everyone uses them.

To strike this point home, I worked in Apple closely
with the software build engineers, Apple built with
3 compilers MPW Metrowerks & Think C for 68k & PowerPC.
They also didn't manage a complete build of the system
software from scratch from the years 1991 to 1996.
I build linux about 5 times a day thanks to great tools like make
config/menuconfig brilliant!!!!!.

Currently to build the new OS ( MacOS X ) they are nearly exclusively
using gcc thanks to Next.( Metrowerks are trying to get in on the act
by supporting gcc extensions ).

( I personally have spent nearly 80 hours reworking the stuff & really
have stept over the line at work on it, ( I don't have token ring at
home ) ). 

There can't be over half a days work in retabbing it removing C++
comments & integrating the updates from the latest kernel & providing a
clean patch for someone who knows what they are doing ( any volunteers
??? ).

I personally won't get a chance to do this until we upgrade the kernel
revisions we are working with at work.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated,

--- Kevin DeKorte <kdekorte@qadas.com> wrote:
> Mike,
>     Has there been any discussion of the code
> provided by DJ Barrow? I've been waiting to see if
> something was to come of these changes.

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