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Re: [linux-tr] Anymore from DJ Barrow -Reply

There hasn't been many comments about the code and I think I may know why.
1) The existing code works, so people are less interested in the changes.
2) The code was submitted as entire files against 2.2.5.  The changes really need to be in the form of diff files.  I started to generate the diff files, but it's more difficult when the indents have all been changed, patch throws out every line as a change. So I'm having to run both files through indent to get some sort of similarity between them, then generate the diff.  Then modify the generated diff to match the 2.2.9 file.

On DJ's reply:
1) gcc extensions, can stay as long as they are in the same *recommended* version of gcc. (i.e for now 2.7.2)
2) Comment / indent style - Sorry, isn't going to happen, the files must follow the existing style. There is *no* argument about this - it will simply never be accepted into the kernel without the correct formatting. 

Also: For the changes this major to be accepted into the kernel, I am pretty convinced they will have to be blessed by Paul as he did the hard work in getting the token ring code to its current stage.