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[linux-tr] tcpdump and token ring

I filed a bug against Debian's tcpdump a while ago asking if they could
include the patches that had been written (by someone at olicom IIRC).

Anyway, someone has sent me this note which I've replied to:
> Hello, 
> I see your message in the debian mailing list, and i try to patch 
> tcpdump and libpcap but i can't find 
> the same version of libpcap, i would like to know if you have the patch 
> for libpcap 0.4 ? 
I'm afraid not, I'll ask on the token ring list and see what patches people 
have floating around. 

So - any patches floating around waiting to be ensnared?



Adrian Bridgett <bridgett@hursley.ibm.com>
Internal: 7-245528  External: 01962-815528