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Re: [linux-tr] Forcing detection

You should be able to turn off the auto-detection in the LANAID driver/diag
disk for the adapter. Just boot the machine with the diskette (if you don't
have it, it should be available on www.pc.ibm.com), turn OFF the
autodetection and specify 16Mbit as ring-speed.

I presume your ring will be 16Mbit, and not 4....

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I was able to get the equipment to set up a TR lan at home at an affordable
price (i.e., free).  Unfortunately, the cards are IBM Auto 16/4 cards.  The
read-me says that they can only be plugged into a ring that is already

Is there any way to force the detection on these cards so that two of them
communicate in a two host network.

I know. I can hear it now.  Go buy ethernet - it's cheap.  That is my next
option if this doesn't work.

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