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[linux-tr] Web Site Updates / DJB Source Routing Updates / Other news

DJ Barrow has updated the modified source routing code with a couple of bug fixes and beautifying, the new patch and tgz are available from the web site.

Is the patch being used in anger by anybody, I must admit I haven't had a good chance to compare the original and new code to get a good feel for this. Either way, as Paul maintains the tr.c code, it is his call as to whether to send the patch in.

Added IBM 16/4 TR PCI Adapter 2 WOK Special to the supported cards list.  Apparently IBM released one card with the Alert on Lan connector and one without, but decided to call them exactly the same thing.

I'm currently working in the 3Com 3C359 driver, do we have anybody using these adapters who might be interested in testing the driver when I get it operational (and I thought IBM tech docs were tough :). 

I'm also looking into the 3c339 as well. The card was manufactured by others and a 3com badge put on it.  It looks awfully similar to the olicom cards, so I might be able to hack their driver to get it to work.