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Re: [linux-tr] Web Site Updates / DJB Source Routing Updates / Other news

Hi Paul,

> Mike Phillips writes:
>  > DJ Barrow has updated the modified source routing code with a couple of bug fixes and beautifying, the new patch and tgz are available from the web site.
>  > 
>  > Is the patch being used in anger by anybody, I must admit I haven't had a good chance to compare the original and new code to get a good feel for this. Either way, as Paul maintains the tr.c code, it is his call as to whether to send the patch in.
> I looked at the code when he first submitted it and didn't see any
> outstanding problems, but I want to go through it in more detail.  In
> the meantime I'll install it on my network at home and beat on it for
> a while. 

I am using the patches for a while now (we don't use source routing,
however) and didn't run into any problems with them.


The current dlc on http://www.snipix.freeserve.co.uk/linux.htm contains a
patch for ibmtr.c to overwrite the burned-in MAC address. Did anyone
already look into this patch?