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[linux-tr] Linux Kernel 2.4 Feature Freeze? -Reply

> -- whatever is left to do with the olympic driver (it looks good to me, albeit a
>bit slow and "bursty" in my experience)

There may be one problem with the olympic driver, it appears we have an extra
four bytes at the end of the frame data that gets passed up the protocol chain
(The FCS bytes I think). This is causing problems with some SNA code which
gets confused because the length is wrong.  I am currently looking at the code
in ibmtr (which works fine) to come up with a resolution. (ibmtr does quite a bit
of header manipulation that olympic doesn't do).  The easy solution if just to ignore
the last four bytes, but I really want to be sure this is the Right Thing (tm) to do.

> -- changes to tr.c / 802 as suggested/coded by some guy from Slashdot
D.J. Barrow changes: Hmmm, they obviously work but are they needed for 
every linux installation. Esp, as the code changes sock.c. 

> -- Full Duplex support for all supported adapters (not sure if this is already
> done)
Olympic should support this as is, but I don't know if anybody is actually using


Multicast: There is a patch, but has it been fully tested ?

Linus recently announced a new init/main.c which will require driver changes
I have to look at this to see what is required for olympic.