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Re: [linux-tr] Re: Linuxtr - New Home


If you don't know who I am - I "maintain" the howto document, although it is not very well maintained right now.  Mostly due to the lack of an archive of the list so that I myself can keep up with what all is going on.

You mentioned that you wern't sure how difficult it would be to set this up.  I would be more than happy to set it up for you if given temp access to the box.  Otherwise, I could also put together some documentation - all depending on how much time you have.  

Honestly, I think both a web front end and a mail listserv engine would be in order.  Many people like to be able to scroll through the threaded lists on a web page and also be able to post, rather than work through the listserv.  What would also be nice about that is then people who didn't want to be spammed by the constant traffic on the list (well, constant for some people :), and just wanted to ask a simple question could do so through the web and not get all the updates that the listserv members would.

Let me know what you think.


 ---- you wrote: 
> On Mon, 16 Aug 1999, Mike Phillips wrote:
> > Tom, Matthew, Gary et al.
> > 
> > First off, thanks to Tom and Matthew for their offers of a new home (and to Steve Lancaster).  For general information the web site does not take up a lot of room, I think around 200-300K, and most of that is for the downloads. 
> > 
> > A couple of questions for those involved and the listers in general.
> > First to the listers: What address do we want to see for the relocated
> > mailing list, I'm quite happy to use, say linuxtr@linuxtr.net.  If
> > anybody has a problem with this, please let me know, although I own
> > the linuxtr.net domain, I'm not a total control freak, it probably
> > just makes it easier if we have everything using the same domain name.
> Yes. I use/refer to the linuxtr.net address whenever I talk with people
> about TokenRing.
> > For Tom and Matthew: 1) Exactly what is your connection to the net and
> > how does the machine connect. i.e. do you have a direct connection or
> > are you hosted on an isp's machine. 
> Currently two (2) different connections with a third (3) due on 9/13/99.
> First one is ISDN @ 128K, second is cable modem (for mirroring/inbound
> mostly), third will be 768K DSL.
> >2) How much difficulty is involved in you setting up the dns entries
> > for linuxtr.net
> None - we have three different DNS servers on three different connections,
> two are here (1-ISDN,1-Cable), one is at the ISP (for whom I do much
> work). The ISP has 8-T1's to MCI and 4-T1's(set as fractional DS3) to
> QWEST with full BGP dual peerage.
> 3) Do you have direct control over the list-server
> Yes. Actually if you would like I can dedicate an Alpha to it.
> 4) As the list came first, the list has a separate address, how much work
> would be involed in say, taking a list of all the current subscribers
> and automatically setting up a new address, say linuxtr@linuxtr.net
> No work for me 8-} - I will ask Paul as he manipulates our lists but I do
> not see a problem and it would be nice to have an easy to remember
> listname.
> 5) A few people have asked to have an archive of the list available from
> the web site, is this a lot of work or can we set this up fairly easily.
> I do not know? I would like that myself...
> 6) How do you want to set up the administration of the site and list, I don't mind
> administering the list as well as the web site if it makes life easier.
> Well - if I dedicate the Alpha to it then I will give you a ssh keyed only
> account and you can have all the fun you can handle... 8-}
> 7) Can you do e-mail redirection from the linuxtr.net domain, i.e.
> currently mikep@linuxtr.net redirects to my e-mail address here.
> Sure - we control completely all of the SMTP traffic so it should not be a
> problem.
> > If anybody has any other questions, let's here them.  I would be much
> > happier with a general concensus of opinion of which route to take,
> > rather than it appearing that I'm taking everything over and making
> > all the decisions :)
> I agree - if anyone has questions I would be happy to answer to the best
> of my ability. And - no I do not have a hidden agenda. I was in a previous
> life a senior engineer with Proteon and have been using TokenRing since
> the early 80's. I have been using Linux since '93 and exclusively Linux
> (except for my Netware servers...) since '95. I have a duplex TR switched
> backbone (just for kicks mind you) and enough gear to setup about 30-40 TR
> rings if I wanted to (yep mostly Proteon gear...). So I see this as a
> small tidbit I can do to help both of those wonderful inventions.
> > Mike
> Let me know what else we need to do. Thanks!!
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