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[linux-tr] Re: Linuxtr - New Home

On Mon, 16 Aug 1999, Mike Phillips wrote:

> Tom, Matthew, Gary et al.
> First off, thanks to Tom and Matthew for their offers of a new home (and to Steve Lancaster).  For general information the web site does not take up a lot of room, I think around 200-300K, and most of that is for the downloads. 
> A couple of questions for those involved and the listers in general.
> First to the listers: What address do we want to see for the relocated
> mailing list, I'm quite happy to use, say linuxtr@linuxtr.net.  If
> anybody has a problem with this, please let me know, although I own
> the linuxtr.net domain, I'm not a total control freak, it probably
> just makes it easier if we have everything using the same domain name.

Yes. I use/refer to the linuxtr.net address whenever I talk with people
about TokenRing.
> For Tom and Matthew: 1) Exactly what is your connection to the net and
> how does the machine connect. i.e. do you have a direct connection or
> are you hosted on an isp's machine. 

Currently two (2) different connections with a third (3) due on 9/13/99.
First one is ISDN @ 128K, second is cable modem (for mirroring/inbound
mostly), third will be 768K DSL.

>2) How much difficulty is involved in you setting up the dns entries
> for linuxtr.net

None - we have three different DNS servers on three different connections,
two are here (1-ISDN,1-Cable), one is at the ISP (for whom I do much
work). The ISP has 8-T1's to MCI and 4-T1's(set as fractional DS3) to
QWEST with full BGP dual peerage.

3) Do you have direct control over the list-server

Yes. Actually if you would like I can dedicate an Alpha to it.

4) As the list came first, the list has a separate address, how much work
would be involed in say, taking a list of all the current subscribers
and automatically setting up a new address, say linuxtr@linuxtr.net

No work for me 8-} - I will ask Paul as he manipulates our lists but I do
not see a problem and it would be nice to have an easy to remember

5) A few people have asked to have an archive of the list available from
the web site, is this a lot of work or can we set this up fairly easily.

I do not know? I would like that myself...

6) How do you want to set up the administration of the site and list, I don't mind
administering the list as well as the web site if it makes life easier.

Well - if I dedicate the Alpha to it then I will give you a ssh keyed only
account and you can have all the fun you can handle... 8-}

7) Can you do e-mail redirection from the linuxtr.net domain, i.e.
currently mikep@linuxtr.net redirects to my e-mail address here.

Sure - we control completely all of the SMTP traffic so it should not be a

> If anybody has any other questions, let's here them.  I would be much
> happier with a general concensus of opinion of which route to take,
> rather than it appearing that I'm taking everything over and making
> all the decisions :)

I agree - if anyone has questions I would be happy to answer to the best
of my ability. And - no I do not have a hidden agenda. I was in a previous
life a senior engineer with Proteon and have been using TokenRing since
the early 80's. I have been using Linux since '93 and exclusively Linux
(except for my Netware servers...) since '95. I have a duplex TR switched
backbone (just for kicks mind you) and enough gear to setup about 30-40 TR
rings if I wanted to (yep mostly Proteon gear...). So I see this as a
small tidbit I can do to help both of those wonderful inventions.
> Mike

Let me know what else we need to do. Thanks!!

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