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[linux-tr] [new to list] looking for help with DCA card...


I can get a very good price on a bunch of 16mbps token ring cards and

I am trying to find out if I can use these cards with Linux:

manufactured by DCA
one side of card is ISA, other side is MCA
has small riser card on full length board (ring interface module)
PCB says "RIM 4/16"
main chips on the big board say: 
"DCA 9326AS   384682"
another chip says "LAN  <TI logo>  TMS380C16PQL"

If you can help me get these running under Linux I will be most
grateful!  Since the only Net connectivity I will have will be via
modem, I can use TR for the LAN portion.

I have tried to locate DCA on the net, but apparently they have either
changed their business name or gone out of business (or else don't have
a Web site).


Patrick Giagnocavo