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Re: [linux-tr] can't get madge cards working

Norman Bollinger wrote:
> Does anyone have them working that can give me a clue or two? Norman

I currently have a Madge PCI Smart 16/4 Ringnode BM2 card working on our
ring.  Since Madge put out a new mtok module this spring my machine has
been up for 88 days without a glitch.

Only some of the Madge cards are supported by the mtok driver. Check out
www.madge.com and do a search on "linux" - it should come up with the
latest driver and how to download it.  Check the readmes (and the list
on www.linuxtr.net) to see if your card is supported.  The current
version of the driver that I am running is revision 1.5 (found in the
driver.h file, anyway), the tarball was called mtok111.taz.

Installation is pretty easy, you just 'make' the module and then stick
it with the rest of your kernel modules. insmod / modprobe it to get it

If you're still having trouble, send us specific error messages or
details and we might be able to give you a better answer.

Greg Bohling
Information Systems Analyst
Nebraska Lottery