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2. Hardware requirements

Make sure that you have a Token Ring card that is supported from the list below. Many PCI and ISA cards are now supported. Check for the latest information.

Cards that are reported to work:








Cards that may cause problems:

IBM Turbo 16/4 ISA adapter

This adapter will, in fact, work fine with the Linux token ring driver. However, you MUST run the card in Auto 16/4 compatability mode. The simplest way to set this is to use the LANAID disks sent with the card and run the command:

You should then use LANAIDC or LANAID to configure the card according to documentation.

Token-Ring Network 16/4 Adapter II

This adapter will NOT work. Do not confuse this card with the IBM Token Ring adapter II (4mbit) which does. It is a DMA/Busmaster adapter for ISA.

3Com TokenLink Velocity ISA

You may or may not get this one to work. I have had reports of people running it without problems, and others who get errors left and right.

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