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Token-Ring mini-HOWTO

Tom Gall,

v4.3, 29 March 2000

This howto is designed to help you get up and running using a Token Ring adaptor to access the network. Generally speaking Section 3 will tell you which driver you need based on the adaptor card you have and Section 8 will tell you how to get it working with your distribution.

Special Thanks

to Mark Swanson, Peter De Schrijver, David Morris, Paul Norton and everyone else I may have missed who put in their time to write and maintain this driver. Also to packrat for his support of the linux-tr listserv.

Special Thanks

to Mike Eckhoff the originator of this HOWTO!

Extra Special Thanks

to Jen, Mom, and Dad.

1. Copyright and other Jazz

2. Hardware requirements

3. Which driver should I use?

4. Known problems

5. Questions and comments

6. Distribution Specific Installations

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