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Re: Problems with isrp_even message on token ring RH 5.0

Yes, it does work.. just yields the error message many times per minute...


In your message you said:
>As Paul Norton said:
>> Has anyone tried using the Madge driver yet?
>I've used the Madge driver, but only for the PCI Smart RingNode card that
>it was written for. The Madge Blue+ Adapter doesn't use the TI chipset that
>the Smart Ringnode (and Olicom) use. The Blue+ is supposed to be 100% IBM
>(i.e., Tropic) compatible. My Blue+ seems to at least open ok, because I
>have network connectivity. But I get the never-ending sequenc eof
>ISRP_EVEN: 04 messages sent to the console.
>But then again, it's been a while since I tried. I *think* I had network
>connectivity throughout the error messages. Can anyone else confirm?
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