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Re: Problems with isrp_even message on token ring RH 5.0

As Paul Norton said:
> So it does insert into the ring and transfer frames. Mine won't, so
> we're dealing with a different animal here. (It is "ISRP_EVEN: 04"
> we're dealing with, right?) 
> Does it seem related to the amount of network activity going on? It
> should be fairly simple keep track of the driver's interaction with
> the adapter and output that with the isrp_even message. Which version
> of Linux? 

No, the problem starts right away, seconds after the driver is installed.
During an OS load, for example, the Debian install will load ibmtr.o. It
loads, the driver says everything was fine, and once my Debian installation
goes to the next screen, I start getting ISRP_EVEN: 04 error messages. I'd
guess (but I'd have to verify) that only very few bytes were
transmitted/received across the adapter in those few seconds, if any at

I think I last tried this in Linux 2.0.29. I have a 486 with the Blue+
sitting in it that I've been wanting to install 2.0.33 onto so I can play
with the driver. Maybe I'll do that real soon now.

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