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Re: Problems with isrp_even message on token ring RH 5.0

I called Madge Technical support to follow up on the likelyhood that there was
an officially supported driver for Linux from Madge.

I spoke with a very helpful person there who said that he wasn't sure what
was available, as far as he (and the other members of the US technical
support group) knew there was nothing.

He sent the request on to the Madge Technical support group in the UK, and 
got an answer back that said that there was no separate driver for Linux.. 
but that there had been cautions that only certin interrupts were supported
by the drivers.. (a very restricted set for the "old" drivers) and 2,3,10,11
were supported by the new driver..

Does anyone know if PnP will negotiate a bad IRQ? Should we "hard code" the
IRQ and turn off PnP on the card?