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Re: Problems with isrp_even message on token ring RH 5.0

I know there is a Linux driver from Madge because I beta tested it
under NDA. And I know it was available via email from Madge UK. There
were some posts in comp.os.linux.networking in February from people
who were using it. I would be surprised if they stopped distributing
it. If they have stopped it shouldn't be a problem getting a copy and
supporting it ourselves (except we haven't any friggin'

I'll have an informational patch for you to try Real Soon Now. In the
meantime I'd try turning plug-n-pray off.  

Steve Lancaster writes:
 > I called Madge Technical support to follow up on the likelyhood that there was
 > an officially supported driver for Linux from Madge.
 > I spoke with a very helpful person there who said that he wasn't sure what
 > was available, as far as he (and the other members of the US technical
 > support group) knew there was nothing.
 > He sent the request on to the Madge Technical support group in the UK, and 
 > got an answer back that said that there was no separate driver for Linux.. 
 > but that there had been cautions that only certin interrupts were supported
 > by the drivers.. (a very restricted set for the "old" drivers) and 2,3,10,11
 > were supported by the new driver..
 > Does anyone know if PnP will negotiate a bad IRQ? Should we "hard code" the
 > IRQ and turn off PnP on the card?
 > Thanks..
 > Steve