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Re: Problems with isrp_even message on token ring RH 5.0

As Paul Norton said:
> I know there is a Linux driver from Madge because I beta tested it
> under NDA. And I know it was available via email from Madge UK. There
> were some posts in comp.os.linux.networking in February from people
> who were using it. I would be surprised if they stopped distributing
> it. If they have stopped it shouldn't be a problem getting a copy and
> supporting it ourselves (except we haven't any friggin'
> documentation.)

Yes, I received the driver from the European madge office via e-mail. It
only supports: Madge Smart 16/4 PCI BM Mk2 Ringnode, which uses the
TI380C30 chipset. The driver works quite well; I've had no problems with

This is taken from the README and hints to the fact that we'll be able to
legally modify the source code of the driver:


6. Building the Driver

The driver mtok.o is built from the driver source files in ./driver and the
Universal Driver Toolkit (UDT) source files in ./udt. The UDT is a source
code library used to drive  Madge Networks' Token-Ring adapters.

If you want to modify the code start by looking at the files in ./driver
since these contain the Linux specific code and are not concerned with
esoteric hardware interface details.

Should you decide to build a customised version of the driver
#defines in ./driver/madgetr.h and define them
to be some useful comment. This should help us to keep track of who
is running an vanilla Madge distribution and who is running a customised


However, from the LICENSE file:

You may not:

     make any copy of any of the  Software  other  than  for  back-up
      purposes as permitted above;   

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