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kris carlier[SMTP:root@iguana.be] wrote:

> OK, about MCA, I think I should dissapoint you. I've been trying overhere
> with MCA NICs, the 'classic' TR NICs from IBM, and it seems to work in a
> PS2/55. There are two nics in the machine, and I can use them as a router,
> as long as 120 KB / second is satisfactory ;(

I have theese cards working in a 8595, im getting speeds around 5-600

> There, the MTU was bigger, but not big enough... Had to change the .h
> file, to accomodate the max of 18000 bytes.

Im able to change the MTU size with ifconfig eg. "ifconfig mtu 4096
tr0", also on the IBM NIC's!??

BTW: What is the best MTU-size with tropicbased cards?

> There certainly is no driver yet for the IBM LAN STREAMER series, but I
> thought someone mentioned at least the idea to make one for it. Check with
> dejanews, they are your friend ;-)

Did that, done that, did'nt find anything.

> As for me, I quit the idea of MCA because of the reasons I just summed up.
> For my application (routers) it will not fit the picture...

_dont_ expect higher datarates with ISA Tropic cards....

I have a very nice 8595 running as a network server, and apart from the
lousy net-performance I like it.
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