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Linux/3C619C TR card...

Dear Linux/TR-gurus, 

a collegue of mine has installed a 3COM 3C619C token ring card in his
Linux box (i486-ISA) [this card is listed in the HOWTO as "works"],
but all we get when trying to activate the card with ifconfig after
loading the appropriate driver as a module is an error message (error
no 0001), repeating at regular intervals.

This is independant of whether or not the card is plugged into the
net. With a kernel compiled with the TR code included, the boot
process stops with this error message repeating; using insmod, the
ibmtr.o file is loaded, but the "ifconfig tr0 uuu.xxx.yyy.zzz" command
intended to activate the card does not run to completion (rather, it
stays in memory, unkillable, with the "D" shown on ps -ax).

The box runs Linux-2.0.30 (Suse 5.0)... any hints would be very much

Best regards,