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Linux/3C619C TR card...

The 3C619C adapter must run in compatibility mode. 

ernst.molitor@uni-bonn.de writes:
 > Dear Linux/TR-gurus, 
 > a collegue of mine has installed a 3COM 3C619C token ring card in his
 > Linux box (i486-ISA) [this card is listed in the HOWTO as "works"],
 > but all we get when trying to activate the card with ifconfig after
 > loading the appropriate driver as a module is an error message (error
 > no 0001), repeating at regular intervals.
 > This is independant of whether or not the card is plugged into the
 > net. With a kernel compiled with the TR code included, the boot
 > process stops with this error message repeating; using insmod, the
 > ibmtr.o file is loaded, but the "ifconfig tr0 uuu.xxx.yyy.zzz" command
 > intended to activate the card does not run to completion (rather, it
 > stays in memory, unkillable, with the "D" shown on ps -ax).
 > The box runs Linux-2.0.30 (Suse 5.0)... any hints would be very much
 > appreciated...
 > Best regards,
 > Ernst