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Problems with xmit ret code: 22


	I send a message months ago asking for the message error 'xmit ret
code: 22 error code: 00'. Paul Norton told me that was a problem with
wonky hardware and Edmund H.Ramm that the problem would be the 3V ISA
especification. I have proved another chipset, the Apollo VIA VT-82C586,
that I think support 5V especification and the xmit error still appears.
It's curious that I get access to the net as the same baud rates as
other machines in the local net, but sometimes, with big files ( more
than 15 Mb ) and when the net is congestioned, the adapter puts the
'tr0: Arrg .... more than 50 mseconds waiting ...' and gets hung. Have
anyone 'experiences' with this problem :-) ??

Best regards, 

		Jose Angel Berna

Jose Angel Berna Galiano
Grupo de Astrofisica y Tecnologia Espacial
Departamento de Fisica, Ingenieria de Sistemas y Teoria de la Seņal
Universidad de Alicante
P.O. Box 99  03080 Alicante (Spain)
E-mail: jberna@astronomia.disc.ua.es
WWW: http://astronomia.disc.ua.es/~jberna/