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Re: Problems with xmit ret code: 22

I missed the original post - itchy trigger finger. 

Edmund H. Ramm writes:
 > Hello Jose,
 > > [...]
 > > especification. I have proved another chipset, the Apollo VIA VT-82C586,
 > > that I think support 5V especification and the xmit error still appears.
 > > [...]
 >    I'm sorry to hear this. Hopefully Paul Norton will come up with another
 > bright idea. I use a 3COM 3C619 in a comparatively old Tulip machine at
 > work, and have no problems with it. Even the IBM ISA 4/16 I used before
 > worked fine until our Network-People did something to the NAUs, which
 > prevented me from accessing certain Novell-Servers afterwards. They
 > thought it might have been the MAC address, but were unwilling to help
 > any further, what with Linux on my office machine being my own initiative.
 >    Eddi
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