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Re: IBM 16/4 TK card

yes you should get a green light if it works and a orange and green flashing
light if there is a problem with the card. My guess is that if there are no
lights something is wrong with the driver and you should replace it with a new


Marco Shaw wrote:

> Correct me if I'm wrong, but with the IBM 16/4 TK card, shouldn't I see the
> lights flashing on the card when the computer boots?  I'm trying to setup an
> IBM card on RH 5.0 without success.
> The lights don't flash when booting, and my /var/log/messages seems to
> complain about not finding the 'tr0' module.  (I'm at work so sorry I can't
> include the exact message.)  I don't understand why it's trying to find
> 'tr0' because I thought it should be loading the module 'imbtr'?
> Any ideas?
> Marco