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Re: IBM 16/4 TK card

>In /lib/modules/2.0.32/net you should find a file called ibmtr.o.  That is
>the driver.  Make sure that you are doing '/sbin/modprobe ibmtr' and not
>'/sbin/modprobe ibmtk' - i thought that it was a typo in the first email,
>but since i've seen it twice, i'll point it out.

Yeah bad memory :)  When I do run the modprobe command, I get something like
'the resource is busy'!  What would be a 'normal' response?

>If you have X going, it may be easier to just use the control-panel.  but
>make sure that the ibmtr.o file exists in the /lib/modules/2.0.32/net
>direcotry first.

Been there, done that, no luck.