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OFFTOPIC: Cord for IBM Auto 16/4 CreditCard adapter

Allright, this has nothing to do with linux at all, But since theres
actuall postings to the list <g> i though id ask about this :)
I have an IBM Auto 16/4 CC adapter, of wich, the cord on it's little
rubber bending thing (like i really know what its called) (but its the
little rubber thing that lets the end of the cord move without killing the
wires) But anyways... that thing broke off. and now, whenever the cord
moves, the damn thing detaches from the ring. And whats worse is that when
that happens, linux locks up and i have to reboot...
So now on to my actuall question: Where can i get a replacement cord for
relitively cheap (ie: not at IBM prices.. $600 to replace a freakin 2.1gb
hard drive for my ThinkPad was outrageous..)
If anyone knows where i can find one of those, please tell me. Or if they
know of anyone selling a used one cheap.... Anyways, you get the general

Edward R. Hartmann