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Re: ifconfig 'crashes'

> > I have another problem now: After insmod ibmtr, I want to 
> > ifconfig tr0 <IP> netmask <NM>
> > But this 'crashes'. I can't even kill the ifconfig with kill -9.
> The adapter may still be hanging trying to get onto the network or
> something.  Do a 'dmesg' and see what it is saying back to you.
> Otherwise, update your version of ifconfig and see if that helps. Although
> every time I've seen this, the adapter was just waiting on something else
> or Arging.

The problem was, that Irq 2, to witch my TR card was set, already is
occupied by cascade (no idea what that is...). So switching it to Irq
3 (no, there are no serial connectors in my server) solved the
problem. :-)

Thank you all!
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