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tr0: xmit ret_code: 23

Hi everybody,

 Probably many of you remember me. I send a message to the mail list a
few months ago asking for resolving a problem with my IBM Turbo ISA
token ring adapter. I got the message 'tr0: xmit ret_code: 23 xmit error
code: 00', and when I tried to transfer files bigger than 5 Mb the
adapter crashed. Some people said to me that it could be a problem with
wonky hardware, but trying another mainboard the problem continued.
Finally, I have resolved de problem. It's due to the value of MTU. For
compatibility with whole token ring networks, MTU must be 1492, but
Linux configures the adapter in 2000 MTU by defect. Now, I can transfer
files of any length. I hope this can help someone....

Best Regards,

    Jose Angel Berna

Jose Angel Berna Galiano
Grupo de Astrofisica y Tecnologia Espacial
Departamento de Fisica, Ingenieria de Sistemas y Teoria de la Se¤al
Universidad de Alicante
P.O. Box 99  03080 Alicante (Spain)
E-mail: jberna@astronomia.disc.ua.es
WWW: http://astronomia.disc.ua.es/~jberna/