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Re: Promiscuous Mode and Source Routing

The token-ring code doesn't know about promiscuous mode, so there are
some assumptions that probably need to be re-examined. But I can't
think of anything offhand that your patch will break. 

Incidentally that code was changed in 2.1.x and will probably change
again as soon as we get another development series. I want to try
passing IP through SNAP and normalize the IPX handling. In fact
I just set up a NetWare 4.01 server at home to work on this. 

Gilbert Ramirez Jr. writes:
 > Well, I went ahead and changed tr.c so that I only call tr_add_rif if the
 > packet is intended for me. Nothing seems broken yet:
 >   if((trh->saddr[0] & TR_RII) && (skb->pkt_type != PACKET_OTHERHOST))
 >     tr_add_rif_info(trh); 
 > If anyone can think of a reason that I shouldn't do this, please let me
 > know.
 > --gilbert
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