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tr0: xmit ret_code: 23

MTU, eh?  I've seen MTU problems manifest themselves in different
ways, but this is the first time I've seen the adapter itself choke
because of it.  Thanks. 

I don't know where the 2000 byte MTU default came from.  Personally I
would have defaulted it to 1500 to match Ethernet. 

Jose Angel Berna writes:
 > Hi everybody,
 >  Probably many of you remember me. I send a message to the mail list a
 > few months ago asking for resolving a problem with my IBM Turbo ISA
 > token ring adapter. I got the message 'tr0: xmit ret_code: 23 xmit error
 > code: 00', and when I tried to transfer files bigger than 5 Mb the
 > adapter crashed. Some people said to me that it could be a problem with
 > wonky hardware, but trying another mainboard the problem continued.
 > Finally, I have resolved de problem. It's due to the value of MTU. For
 > compatibility with whole token ring networks, MTU must be 1492, but
 > Linux configures the adapter in 2000 MTU by defect. Now, I can transfer
 > files of any length. I hope this can help someone....
 > Best Regards,
 >     Jose Angel Berna
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