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Re: PCI Token-ring, LinuxJournal

On Tue, 1 Sep 1998, Kris Carlier wrote:

> Jeremy,
> > According to the author of this article, he has used an IBM PCI TR
> > adapter.  
> I've some 3COM 3c619 ISA, IBM TR 16/4 MCA, but mostly Olicom 3137 PCI
> NICs. Madge has support for their PCI-cards too, but I prefer the Olicom
> ones. Seems to be 'up-to-date' as far as the PCI-cards are concerned. 
> Paul's patches for the tropic-based cards have been invaluable for me,
> without them, I wouldn't have succeeded in using a number of boxes as
> routers. The reason why we need to use the Olicoms (about 40) now is
> merely hardware-related (more than 2 (up to 4) NICs in one machine,
> framesize (still with more than one NIC inside) almost 18 KB, and of
> course the speed.
> kr=

 i also wrote to the linux journal and asked them what was up.  Maybe i
just can't read, but i think that the author just didn't know what he was
talking about when he said he used IBM PCI Token-Ring Adapters. (he must
have had that darn trusty IBM ISA Token-Ring Adapter.)   

thank   :-)

-jeremy brand

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