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Re: [linux-tr] 2.2.1 + turbo ISA

Hope you're running on a intel motherboard and cpu; others realy stink.  I was
installing a true blue token ring card for my first time on a non-intel
motherboard....it installed, went to client to hook-up machine and voila "Kernel
Panic"....all efforts to fix and find bug through logs etc went nowhere.
Stripped machine off all parts except (already swapped) vga adapter and
motherboard, and still getting "panic."  Changed motherboard and came up like a

George Sohos wrote:

> Hello there!
> I am trying to bring up a turbo tokenring card with no success. As soon as I
> load the module, I get an unrecoverable error rc=0x0059 (if i remember
> correctly. It may not be hex), and soon thereafter the kernel panics. I have
> tried setting it in both ISA16, ISA16+LEGACY, AUTO16 with no success. The
> card also fails to initialize with 2.0.34 in AUTO16 mode. I have not tried
> ISA16 yet. Has anyone managed to make this card work with any kernel? If
> yes, what card settings, and what kernel version?
> I also get the same unrecoverable error with an older ISA AUTO 16/4 adapter
> which gets recognized as Short (if memory serves). The only way I can hook
> up to the ring is running the old card with a 2.0.x kernel, and then I still
> get bombarded with some diagnostic (and I presume harmless) messages. I was
> hoping to use the newer SMP support, but it seems that I have to wait for a
> while.
> Is there any way I could take a snapshot of the system when it dies and post
> it for clueful people to take a look?
> Thanks in advance,
> George
> sohos@idsi.net

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