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Re: [linux-tr] Problems with Kernel 2.2.3ac-4 andTokenRingPC-Card -Reply -Reply

Mike Phillips schrieb:

> An easier way to determine the setting is to start 2.0.36 and copy
> down the token ring settings (displayed on the console, or in
> /var/log/messages) and use these.

Yes i did, but the ramsize was not displayed.

> Try adding a line at the bottom of the file like this:
> module "ibmtr_cs" opts "mmiobase=0XD0000 srambase=0XD4000 sramsize=16"

After one hour i got the parameter for sramsize: 32
Now the adapter is initialized and opend but the error
- Unknown command 00 in arb
- Arrg. Transmitter is busy

Whats this?

With my 770X and the TurboTokenRing the Kernel works (after
patching with your tr220)

The error above occurs on my Thinkpad 755CV with an old TokeRing
Card (Token Ring 16/4). Can you help again?
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