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Re: [linux-tr] madge problems

I experienced a problem with similar symptoms, but with a different
adapter. The problem turned out to be source-route timeout. When the
machine first boots, and makes outbound connections, it works for about 3
minutes, after which the source-route entries expire and the interface
stops working until reboot.
Greg Bohling wrote:

> Hello,
> I've recently set up a linux box (slackware 3.5, kernel 2.0.34) and
> managed to attach to our ring using a Madge Smart PCI BM-2 card and
> the madge driver provided by Madge (which you have to dig hard to
> find out that you e-mail a certain account, and then provide all your
> vitals to them, and swear you won't distribute and all kinds of stuff.
> Almost enough to be a mini-howto just to get the thing..)
> Things seemed to be running smooth initially, but now I've found that
> if I send a non-trivial chunk of data through the interface (serving
> a web page) that the interface quits functioning.  ifconfig still
> reports that tr0 is UP and RUNNING and there are no errors, but
> everything just times out.  If I down the interface and bring it
> back up, it still reports ok but will give Network is Unreachable
> if you try to ping or such.  I've even tried downing the interface,
> removing the mtok module, and then re-installing the module, but
> mtok won't report finding any cards like it does on boot, and ping
> gives the same network unreachable message.
> The only way I've been able to get the card to work again is to reboot
> the machine.  Then everything comes up fine, but eventually it will
> stop working again.  The card is brand new.
> Has anyone experienced anything like this?  Does anyone have any
> suggestions on how to go about debugging this problem?  The only
> other tokenring cards I have are 3Com Velocity XL, and I haven't
> seen any mention of driver support for it.
> Madge distributes the source with their driver, which is why they
> don't want it redistributed and why they want all your vital info,
> so I can tinker with this thing, but I really don't know where
> to start.
> Thanks :)
> -Greg

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