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Re: [linux-tr] madge problems

The default s-r timeout is 10 minutes and is configurable through the 
/proc/sys/net/token-ring/rif_timeout variable.  The timeout value for
each cache entry is reset on every access, whether it's sending a
frame or reciving one.  So the cache entry for on ongoing, active
connection doesn't expire unless there is a 10 minute timespan between
frames.  That's the theory anyway.  :-) 

You can see the cache and the expiration times for each entry through
the /proc/net/tr_rif file.  If it's not working as designed I'd like
to know about it. 

I have a bm-2 adapter as well as the source to the Madge driver.
Unfortunately I'm currently trying to debug another problem that 
requires an IBM adapter.  I even have my bridge 95% set up, so I'll
soon have a source-routing network at home to test with.

Alfred Reed Collins writes:
 > I experienced a problem with similar symptoms, but with a different
 > adapter. The problem turned out to be source-route timeout. When the
 > machine first boots, and makes outbound connections, it works for about 3
 > minutes, after which the source-route entries expire and the interface
 > stops working until reboot.
 > ****