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Re: [linux-tr] Token Ring Testing Software

Mike Phillips schrieb:
> Does anybody have any token ring test software that I can run on a network to check the compliance of a adapter driver.
> Peter & I are working together to get the PCI driver working and I would like to throw a lot of test frames at the card across the network  to see if the driver will handle possible ring conditions / errors.
> This doesn't necessarily have to be linux software, dos, windoze etc would be fine.
> I would think that the IBM networking guys must have this type of stuff in their test center, the question is will they be nice and let me have a copy ?
> Mike Phillips
> Linux Token Ring Project
> http://www.linuxtr.net


if you like to test the behaviour on an ring with errors on it you may
use Win95 as "test generator".

We experience the following behaviour on our ring:
Take a Win95-PC with an IBM PCI Adapter. Look that the adapter works
fine. Then shut down Win95 until the display "You may power off your
system" (or whatever the text is in english) and the DO NOT power off
the box.
For any reason the adapter is then in the following state: It is still
in the ring but there are no more working drivers to handle the traffic.
You will get at least receive congestions, sometimes there are also
burst errors and token errors on the ring.
Consequently the adapter also doesn't answer to any mac-frame like the
"request station state" sent by some management tools.
We are always happy if somebody leaves office after shutting down Win95
without switching off the box.

Axel Schindler
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