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Re: [linux-tr] madge pci card

Paul Norton wrote:
> Do you get any messages in syslog when the connection "drops"?

Not a word.  I did notice that I overlooked in the messages file,
when I re-insert the mtok module, that it does open the adapter
(or at least says it opens the adapter).  But I haven't been able to
get the link to work once it drops, without rebooting.

I've had the drop happen at least 4 times.  Twice when using the
XServer program from Novell's Lan Workplace Pro to run X remotely,
at least once (probably more, I was chasing other problems at the same
time) trying to print to a remote printer with lpr, and once while
fetching a web page from the machine.
I've also successfully accomplished all of the above things without
having the link drop, so I'm pretty stumped :)