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Re: [linux-tr] Token Ring Bug (This is good :-)).

And all this brings up something I've been curious about.

If someone were to think the driver was total shit, write a new one, and submit
it for inclusion into the kernel, what keeps them from doing it and knocking
this driver out of the tree?  

Or what keeps them from writing a patch, such as for the source routing, which
might cause more problems with the kernel than it fixes on the network?

Is this a problem with the open source model of Linux?  I know you should
always check the maintainers file and contact those people if you have
modifications or changes, but what if you don't?


On Thu, 22 Apr 1999, Paul Norton wrote:
> Well, Anonymous Coward does correctly identify some current problems,
> namely the need for serialization of the source-route table.  But if I 
> read this correctly he/she also claims that Linux shouldn't work on
> large source-routed token-ring networks, and it shouldn't work with
> IPX.  Yet it does, so I expect his/her understanding of either the
> code or the standards (or both) is incorrect. 
> Still, code talks, bullshit walks.  Write the code, test the code, and
> any improvements will make it into the kernel.  However, that proposed 
> static source-routing table will grow the kernel by far, far too much.
> Find a better way. 
> Paul Norton
> Linux Token-Ring Maintainer
"If no one out there understands, start your own 
revolution and cut out the middle man." - Billy Bragg