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Re: [linux-tr] ibmtr driver hangs on boot with no network connected

I'm FAIRLY sure that some code was added to prevent this in the 2.2 kernels. 
So it should stop and wait and retry later on to open the ring.  Check the
patchlist on linuxhq.org/com/something and read through the changelog.  It
should be in there changes to ibmtr.c.

Paul would be the man on this one.  So you get something from him at the same
time you get this, trust him. :)


On Sat, 08 May 1999, you wrote:
> Hello list,
> I have two machines with the ibm auto 16/4 cards. One's a
> gateway, the other my workstation. Unfortunately, when
> there is no connection to the network (cable not plugged
> in, switches down, etc.) the machine(s) always hang on
> a boot, because the dont find a network. i once had a big
> problem (with 2.0.x kernel) where the ibmtr driver was
> bult-in into the kernel and the token-ring network was down.
> I had bootet my machine and it hangs during adapter
> initialization. There was nothing i could do until the
> tokenring network was back (had no older kernel and
> no disk available at this time). 
> Can someone confirm if this also applies to =>2.2.7 ?
> best regards,
> 	Markus
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