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Re: [linux-tr] IBM Auto 16/4 Settings -Reply

>>> Ian Pilcher <pilcher@concentric.net> 05/12/99 11:05pm >>>
> I've tried everything that I can think of to get this combination
> working (ThinkPad 760XD).  When I insert my card, the system thinks
> that everything is working, but it identifies the ring as 4 MBps (it's
> 16 Mbps), and it puts the shared RAM at 0x4000.  You can imagine how
> well that works.

> The ThinkPad 760s have a TI1130 CardBus controller that's been known to
> cause problems in the past.  If anyone has an Auto 16/4 (not a Turbo in
> emulation mode!) Token Ring card working with a 2.2.x kernel in a laptop
> with this chip, I'd sure love to hear about it.

Hmmm, could well be, the only problems I'm getting now that can't be solved with some simple configuration options are on the 760's and 765's. (Although by the time the pcmcia driver get to call register_trdev, card_services has allocated the the mmiobase region and shared ram - or *which* may be the problem, it thinks it has.  So ibmtr.c tries to go and use the memory areas and somewhere along the line memory requests don't go to the correct area.  

Sometimes these problems are caused by the tropic chipset having to have mmiobase and shared ram below 1MB, strictly speaking a pcmcia card can put its memory anywhere in the 32 bit address space (just like pci) and some controllers have a tough time mapping below the 1Mb area.

Now, does anybody have 760's or 765's working and with *exactly* what card.